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Sit & Shower: Bathing Made Safer

A third of seniors fall every year. 80% of these falls happen in a bathroom.

Bathing in a sitting position removes the risk of falling on a slippery bathtub floor. The Sit and Shower’s open design makes it easy to get in and out of the bath without tripping over high bathtub walls, all without resorting to an expensive and time-consuming walk-in tub installation.

Thermal shock from bathing is a leading trigger for heart attacks

The Sit and Shower constantly monitors water temperature to make sure your shower is never dangerously hot. Special electronic valves will automatically route water that is too hot to the drain, keeping your shower temperature consistent while preventing scalding.


Eliminate the dangers of falling with Sit and Shower, so you can bathe safely and independently. Full bathing automation with automatic soaping, temperature control, 13 surrounded water jets, warm air drying and system self-cleaning


  • Surround Water Jets and Auto-Soaping Make Bathing A Breeze

Sit & Shower can automate the entire shower process, including rinsing, applying soap. 11 water jets (including a bidet) provides superior cleaning performance.

  • Temperature Control

Internal thermometer prevents water from getting too hot, preventing scalding injuries

  • Designed for Safety

Handrails and compatible shower chair allow you to safely get in and out

  • Space-Saving Profile

Sit and Shower can fit on top of a conventional toilet or can be installed in any empty corner; connecting to your standard water supply.

For further information and distribution inquiries, please contact:

Sergii Molchanov

Business Development Consultant

info [at]

Samuel Hui


samuel [at]

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