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Time Medical Systems Innovative MRI

MRI technology of Time Medical is based from USA and we have patents on our MRI technology which can improve the MR image quality significantly.

PICA MRI system

The PICA is the company's flagship product. It's Open architecture, advanced hardware platform and leading-edge clinical applications make it ideally suited for patient comfort, fast acquisition times and excellent image quality. The PICA has satisfied the ACR Accreditation requirements of 4 MRI modules: Head, Spine, Body and MSK. This accreditation serves the PICA as approval for financial reimbursement for patient scans by the US Government MEDICARE program and the many private insurance companies in the US.

Over 85 units around the world have been installed. Although it is a 0.35T low field MRI system, it has achieved the US ACR accreditation of which the standard was set according to the high field 1.5T level in terms of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), spatial resolution, slice thickness, clinical image quality under restricted scan time. Some of the radiologists from different part of the world are impressed about the image quality and asked whether the images were acquired with 1.5T MRI system. At the price of low field MRI, you can get the image quality which can be comparable to that of the 1.5T and believe that the PICA system is one of the most cost effective MRI system in the world. From our installation sites, some of the hospitals can scan 35 patients per day (10-12 hours of operation) with good image quality and this is a very high volume at a low field MRI system.

We also won the tender from the Indonesian government in 2011 with 9 units of PICA systems and we have installed our PICA in 9 public hospitals and 1 private imaging centre in Indonesia which they are still operating in a very good condition.

Please be advised that our PICA system works very well at the region where the electric power is not stable as the power cut off will not affect the magnet as per the high field 1.5T system. Please note that the 1.5T system will have serious operating problems (magnet may quench) when the power got cut off accidentally. Thus, installing the cost effective and reliable PICA system will be extremely beneficial to the public & private hospitals as well as private imaging centres.


MICA - the result of Time Medical's commitment to develop the only 2T whole body MRI system in the world with integrated superconducting RF coil. The unique High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) RF coils patented by Time Medical Systems provide image quality targeting 3T system performance level.


PANION is a dedicated veterinary MRI system - designed to provide cost effective clinical diagnostic MR scans for companion pets. The PANION offers easy siting within veterinary clinics and low costs of ownership and low maintenance costs. Based on advanced MRI technology, the compact and cost efficient design addresses the needs of the veterinary industry.

Should you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information:

Sergii Molchanov

Business Development Consultant

info [at]

Alec Leung

Project Director

alec [at]

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