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Ariel™ - Auto-Microfluidic Diagnostic Platform for Veterinary Use

Pets cannot speak. They can only show their illness through implicit signs and symptoms such as poor appetite, decreased mobility, abnormal bowel movement, and other general symptoms. Hence the difficulty of prompts diagnostics often leads to delay in proper treatment. A Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) is necessary to provide a more efficient solution while maintaining laboratory accuracy for diseases monitoring and proper continuous administration. We are our pets' most trusted and reliable friends; and every choice we make affects their quality of life and health.

Ariel™ is a rapid and portable diagnostic platform that improves clinical decision and brings better outcome to your pets. It is integrated with microfluidic biochips (Lab-OnChips) technology. Only a single drop of sample is needed for this diagnostic platform to deliver an end-to-end solution in less than 15 minutes. We bring drastic reduction in turnaround time from sample to result. This integrated smart system combined with mobile portability revolutionizes current laboratory process. Ariel™ provides leading edge LOC diagnostic solutions to veterinarian that ensure accurate and rapid detection with multiplex capability.

In other words, Ariel™ is auto-microfluidic diagnostic platform for veterinary use that:

  • Deliver results in up to 15 minutes (instead of days or even weeks);

  • Support field tests for up to 5 hours

  • Microfluidic Lab-On-Chip automation

It utilizes Array Based LED induced fluorescent ImmunoAssay platform.

If you are interested to distribute the product in your country or try it for your clinic, please contact:

Sergii Molchanov

Business Development Consultant

info [at]

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